Great White North

by It's Just Vanity

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Lee Gorman
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Lee Gorman Lying somewhere between Benton Falls and Explosions in the Sky, this is a gloriously melodic, intense and heartfelt record. One of 2013's best. Favorite track: Everything All The Time Always.
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All songs mixed and recorded by Chris French in Rockford, IL August 10-12, 2012. All songs mastered by Derril Sellers at Prism Post Studios, 112 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001.


released January 8, 2013

Appearing on this album: Kelson Fagan, Louis Erazo, Phill Lundin, Danny Mecler



all rights reserved


It's Just Vanity Chicago, Illinois

We used to be a band. This used to be our bio:

Hailing from Chicago, It’s Just Vanity bring a new meaning to post-rock. Formed by Louis Erazo and Kelson Fagan in New Jersey, It’s Just Vanity remain true to the basement scene rock ethic they grew up with. Their sound has been described as early 90’s indie emo mixed with half instrumental post-rock. ... more

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Track Name: Everything All The Time Always
Oh, what a mess I've found shattered by this burst of purple light.
The stress highlights my mistakes, I've made and now it mirrors my eyes.
Oh, but you have so much! And there's things were not conscious of.
Patience rests on the shoulders of the ones we once left.
You are broken in resolve, shattered by your boredom in daily life.
Now your chest beats concave and your heart, it scrapes your ribs.

It gets worse before it gets worse again. I'm sure it gets worse.
It gets worse before it gets worse again.

Where it hangs for all to see, a spot much better than the sleeve.
Watch it hang and float, float out in the snow, loose from the weight it carried me.
Track Name: A Night Devoid of Dignity
Start off like a joke, a flat smile with two of everything buried in the snow.
Watch this long drive home, the stumble, the fall, the memory tomorrow.

You're late in fashion - the sleeves pressed to your wrist.
You waste attraction and I know what it is.
Designed in jeans and tees and slacks
A taste for music you once lacked.
There's no shame, there's no empty.
You built the lines, fill in the cracks.

This is all the sad you had to give.
Track Name: Before The World Broke
Long locked hair, that I didn't smell before you left to cut it off and give it away.
The morning escapes me again, staring at the back of your back and the crease in your legs and the sweat on your skin from a dream getaway.
We don't wake up for the sun, there is love and that's enough.
It's always enough.

If love is always and forever, we don't need to speed up time.
It takes infinity anyway, to count the freckles line to line.

It's not that I was falling apart before at the seams in my arms.
My limbs were ripping out to ease my heart's escape.
They would jump out, climb down, search the world for anyone kind enough to help a heart that was only desperate for you.

Shake gracefully in your skin, so cold it burns.
Lay honestly, this is not a time to leave.
Where was I in winter? Hips attached to yours.
Where were you in September? Searching for savior.

To imagine being balanced out and paint our days as grown ups who have found the one at this age.

Quake and Anticipate.
Quake and Anticipate.
Quake in Anticipation.
Track Name: Does Manhattan Have A Heart?
You came back from Michigan, feeling worse than you ever did, ashamed the way that your lungs inhaled to much oxygen.
You want to say those words "I'll never be this sad again," but that won't be true unless your dead and I'm still waiting for you.

Explode the sky, our bodies mean everything.
And this close to death, make sure you mean anything.

Ghost my body through the snow and fall back on your plans to move on.
Track Name: Below This Line Is The Rest Of Your Life
Bring your heart to the village, it's warm enough to stay stuffed to the brim, you fill it with dreams and scraps of me.
Slide your way into the booth, the splinters pull at your skin as your thoughts pull at you.

Spill the perfect thought for all the wooden walls to hear all my faults, and watch them disappear.

These problems are yours and the worlds. Not mine. And I've heard it all.

New rule: I hear every syllable that passes through your lips. If it's tragic, if it's happy, it happened here.
Track Name: Owl, ND
There's this wind that blows the empty out of me and settles gently to the ground.
Branch out. Manage to Fail.
Sweat through your leaves and grow out to streams.
You slump quicker (you slump fast), the tips in the ground.
Can't make the spring (cross your roots for fall), but die by summer.

Can't open up to me or the feelings of the trees. Get worked up to go out, but stay with me now.
Miss the fireworks just to save the burn. Sparks catch so quickly when you're the only thing to breath.

In that moment that you realized you are more alone than you bargained for.
I can't trust myself with my own eyes, they whisper of the dreams of setting suns shown in pixels and the sin of a friendly smile.
But nightmares are in season and I can't burst my burning lungs waiting for…
Track Name: Cold Pastoral
My heart's tied to the end of the world tonight. I could swell it up all big and proud, wait for the fall.
My neck's too heavy, collapses.
Under the weight of hope, it collapses.

Each vertebrae pushes the action.
Bone on bone, so close to contraction.

Peel the curtains back and press your fingers to your wrist to know, are you still alive?
I was carved in stone, a mystery of limb and emotion, one of those guys.

This spans days, fight for gravity.

Do not tire.
Do not falter.